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Here's "most" of my old cars [and motorcycles].  You have to realize that back in the "old days" we didn't have the cameras or the number of cameras that we have now.  So many of my old cars have been lost to everything except my memory. 


My first car was a 1931 Ford Model A coupe for which I paid all of $35.  Yikes,,,, I pay more for dinner now than I did for my first car!  I drove this Model A Ford for my first two years at Glendale High School [1956 & 57], painted it yellow, and sold it for $80.


Some of the cars, trucks & motorcycles for which there either were no pictures or the pictures have been long since lost were;


1928 Ford 1 1/2 ton "gravity tilt" flat-bed truck with no windshield and a radiator that boiled over all the time,

1958 Benley 125 cc road race motorcycle that I restored which would be worth a bloody fortune today!,

1957 Ford Ranchero with a 427" engine and "three on the tree",

1948 Ford coupe,

1932 Ford Model "B" pickup,

1949 Plymouth Business Coupe,

1945 Harley 45" flathead motorcycle that I paid $45 for,

1959 Citroen ID 19 that I put a DS 21 engine in,

1968 VW Bug that Bill Eggen wrecked & I bought from the insurance company, cut the front half off and welded on a new front end from another VW bug.


The five vehicles that were unique, for which I have pictures [below] and that would be worth a veritable fortune today, were the 1950 Jaguar XK120 coupe, the 1940 Graham Paige "Hollywood Supercharger" sedan, the 1937 Indian 30-50 Twin motorcycle, the 1959 Jaguar Mark IX sedan, and the Benley motorcycle.



My very first car!  I had to be potty trained before I could drive it!

1930 Model A Ford roadster pickup that I bought for $20 at the old winery at the top of La Crescenta.  John Tomei behind the wheel.  1957?

1941 Chevy pickup that Gerard & I roamed all over the California & Nevada deserts in, 1957 - 1959

After we torn the body off the roadster pickup in order to build some other long forgotten hotrod, about 1957.

Skinny me, about 125 lbs.  1957

Me on the 1937 Indian 30-50 Twin that I paid $35 for, in the driveway of the Edwards house before the oak tree died.  1956

1950 Jaguar XK 120 Coupe, I paid $300 for it, clocked it at 105 mph which was really fast for the times, traded it for the Graham-Paige, it would be worth nearly $100,000 today!  1962

1940 Graham-Paige Hollywood Supercharger 4 dr sedan, it had a 1955 Buick V8 & Packard 3 speed floor shift tranny, I blew the engine up and sold the car for $265.  Worth close to $100,000 today.  Photo taken with one of the very first Polaroid cameras!  1962

My little TQ Midget race car, Crosley 4 cylinder engine with direct drive [no clutch or transmission].

1932 Ford Model V8  Paid $400 [?] for it in 1964 [?]

1931 Ford 5 window coupe, Chev 350 & 3 speed trans, I drove this to work in L.A.   Picture taken in the driveway of the Edwards house.

1952 Chevy Sedan Delivery

This is the "van" that I lived in for 2 years at the County Line Cafe's parking lot at County Line surf spot.  Bill Eggen in the picture with me.   1963 - 1965

The Mule GT !  The 1959 VW van that I lived in for two years while going to Valley State College [now called California State University Northridge].  Those were the days!  1967 - 1969

Scott Marshal and me with the Mule GT on the road into Panamint City,  1968

1959 Jaguar XK 9 Sedan, I put a Pontiac 389 engine with a 4 speed Hydromatic in it. 








1958 Triumph TR-10 Station Wagon, with Bill Eggen on a surf trip to Mexico, at a motel on Coronado Island, San Diego.  That's my little "Cracker Box" race boat on top, 1961

1963 Jaguar XKE Coupe, I hit a skunk one night coming up Glenoaks Canyon, the car stunk for two years afterwards!

1970 GMC 3/4 ton 4 wheel drive with Turbo 350 trans, this beast got 7 mpg going up hill, downhill, loaded or empty! 

My 1970 Opel GT

The Opel was a "mini-Corvette"

1972 Triumph Spitfire, ran good but really "ratty" condition.

So I restored it, paint, interior, everything. 

Changed the tail lights, added Ferrari emblems.

And it became a "Ferrari"

My 1970 Westfalia camper, bought it as a wreck for $235, restored it and drove it for 23 years!  Picture taken in Saline Valley.

It had an "upright" 1500 cc engine, slow as hell but it always ran!

My 1976 Honda Civic, drove it for 5 years.

My 1984 Westfalia, all restored, and with a Subaru engine, this is my California "Westy".

My 1983 "Idaho" Westy.  It also is all restored and has a Subaru engine. 

My Porsche 917  This beast was such a "head turner" that it was embarrassing to drive, and hugely uncomfortable besides.  You didn't sit in this car, you were almost laying flat on your back, with no rear vision at all!


I bought this car on EBay out of New York, rewired it, changed the engine, and sold it!   Too much car for me!

My 1997 Harley 883 Sportster.  I spend a whole winter modifying it with a "Fat Bob" tank, fender, Corbin seat, lowered it, etc.  My first paint job!

1994 Honda Civic CX, modified it by adding A/C & cruise control.

The most reliable car I've ever owned, as of this date [Feb 2009] I have 396,000 miles on it.  Still gets 42 mpg in town, 46 on the road.

1934 Ford Coupe, 350 / 350

Paid $28,000 for it, put another $7,000 in it to fix all the things that the builder did wrong!

Even though it's licensed and registered as a 1934 there isn't a single thing on it except the VIN number that's  from 1934.