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The Ranch in Antelope Valley





Virginia, Frances & Jessie Hollingsworth at the original ranch house on the northwest corner of the 80 acres.  About 1922.

Bill Keller, Virginia & Mrs. Keller

Virginia by the water pond at the original ranch house.

Jess, Jay Hollingsworth & Virginia [in the middle].

Grandpa Doc, Jay, Jess, Mr. & Mrs. Keller, Frances and others.

Virginia – Mrs. Keller – Frances – Tiny

Frances – Jess  1923 [?]

friend – Frances – Virginia

Virginia – Frances, about 1921

Uncle Ned – Frances – Jess – Jay – Dorothy

Virginia – Frances

Grandpa Doc Hollingsworth

Uncle Jay Hollingsworth – Uncle Bob Allen – Virginia Hollingsworth –  Frances Hollingsworth – Aunt Hazel Allen


Jess – Virginia – Jay

cousins – Orville – Frances – Mary – Virginia – Laurae – Ruth – Helen

Jay Hollingsworth

Aunt Hazel Allen  Hallwedel [?] at Hollingsworth ranch – Lancaster

In doorway – Grandma Jess – Frances – Jay Hollingsworth,  Far left Uncle Ned, Far right  Aunt Dorothy


Jay – Grandpa Doc – Jess – Frances



Little ranch house, probably the first house on the property right after it was homesteaded.

Ranch house, as it was about to be moved from the Northwest corner over to the South East corner [90th & 'H'].

Ranch house as it looked originally on the Northwest corner


The Northwest ranch house, up on blocks ready for the move, about 1944 [?]

Ranch house after the move now on the Southeast corner [90th & 'H']


The original house on the corner of 90th & 'H' with the newly moved house in the background.

The original corner house, the "moved" house is still up on blocks.

Clark Cooper & family in front of the original corner house.

Frances at the ranch

Virginia – Jess – Clark – Carla – Trent

Jess – Clark – Dave – Carla – Trent

Trent at ranch

Trent at ranch

Florence – Jess in ranch apple orchard

Bernice [friend] – Frances – Virginia,  horse “Choppo”

Dave – Trent – Florence – at ranch, in the apple orchard at the west end of the property

Florence – Dave

Dave & Trent at ranch

Jay Hollingsworth  ranch

Jay [on left] ranch

ranch – Lancaster

Jay – Ned – Jess – Edwin - Etta – Keene – Dorothy – Frances

Ned – Keene – Edwin – Jay - ?


Ranch houses after the move, as they looked in about 1955?

On the corner of 90th East & Avenue H

Cooper house, front.  Mr. Cooper ran the ranch for us.  this is the house that originally was on the Northwest corner of the property.

Cooper house, rear

“Back of ranch house where Clark and Irene Cooper lived.”


Looking east along Avenue H towards 90th and the ranch houses

Looking east along Avenue H towards 90th and the ranch houses

Alfalfa ranch – looking west from the houses

Looking west towards the apple & pear orchard


Looking west from behind the houses, “flood irrigation” standpipe





As the corner of 90th & H looks today, houses, trees and everything else is gone.

As the corner of 90th & H looks today, some of the old well equipment is there but not working.

The demise of the ranch was caused by everybody pumping so much water out of the Antelope Valley aquifer that there was almost no water left!

As the ranch looks today!  All dried up.


Virginia – Bill Keller,  about 1921