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Stoneyvale Drive is located in Big Tujunga Canyon, Angeles National Forest.  My home was at 2310 Stoneyvale.


I bought this property, a parcel 1 acre in size, from Les Newsome on 197 xxxx for $19,000.  It was private deeded land located within the National Forest.  Shortly after I purchased my piece of property, Bill Wernicke bought Les Newsome's house, also on 1 acre, located next door to my parcel.


At the time of purchase my parcel was without any structures other than a "tack room" and corral.  The property went from Stoneyvale Drive all the way across the canyon and up the far bank several feet.  Big Tujunga Creek ran through the middle of the property.  Down on the stream level we had a large riding arena where we galloped our two horses, Benny & Red.


In the fall of 19xxx a fire went through the canyon and all the way to upper Big Tujunga Canyon.  Then, during a rainstorm on Feb xxx, a Thursday night, at about 11 PM there was a huge cloudburst which sent a wall of water down the canyon, over the Big Tujunga Dam and down through our properties.  Bill lost his barn, and we lost the tack shed, 2 tons of hay, all our saddles and tack, both corrals and Bill's well.  Randy Thomas, who was renting a room from Bill at the time, managed to save both horses.  Bill & I were in Glendale at the time.


The flood was so extreme that the stream changed course from over by the far bank to right by the edge of our bank.  All the huge alder trees were lost, the riding arena was gone, and it was nothing but barren boulders as far as you could see.  I got used to the floods, we had another one in 1981, but no damage to the property.


On xxx I, working by myself and with no help or hired people, I began construction of my house.  Originally I was going to build only the garage for a much larger 3 bedroom home that I was going to build.  But there was a economic recession going on and I decided not to go into debt for the main house and to just build the garage but turn it into a house.  So I did.


20' x 20' with two stories, kitchen / living / bath on the first floor, bedroom upstairs.  Working 3 hours [before going to work] every day, and 8 hours a day on the weekends, it took 3 years before I could move in [1980].  Then it took a number of years to complete the 210' of block walls, landscape & plant the fruit trees [13 of them] , build the carport, and the pool with gazebo.