My old Cars & Bikes

Here’s most of my old cars and motorcycles.  You have to realize that back in the “old days” we didn’t have the cameras or the number of cameras that we have now.  So many of my old cars have been lost to everything except memory.

My first car was a 1931 Ford Model A coupe for which I paid all of $35.  Yikes,,,, I pay more for dinner now than I did for my first car!  I drove this Model A Ford for my first two years at Glendale High School [1956 & 57], painted it yellow, and sold it for $80.

Some of the cars, trucks & motorcycles for which there either were no pictures or the pictures have been long since lost were;
1.  1928 Ford 1 1/2 ton “gravity tilt” flat-bed truck with no windshield and a radiator that boiled over all the time.
2.  1957 Ford Ranchero with a 427″ engine and “three on the tree”.
3.  1948 Ford coupe
4.  1932 Ford Model “B” pickup,
5.  1949 Plymouth Business Coupe,
6.  1945 Harley 45″ flathead motorcycle that I paid $45 for,

1928 Model A Ford Tudor Sedan, 100% original.

1958 Benley 125 cc road race motorcycle that I restored which would be worth a bloody fortune today!,

1959 Citroen ID 19 that I put a DS 21 engine in.

1968 VW Bug & Terry on a road trip.
Bill Eggen wrecked it & I bought from the insurance company, cut the front half off and welded on a new front end from another VW bug.

Some of these cars and bikes were classics and unique and that would be worth a veritable fortune today.

1950 Jaguar XK120 coupe, paid $300 for it!

1940 Graham Paige “Hollywood Supercharger” sedan with a 1957 Buick V8 & Packard 3 speed floor shift transmission.

1959 Jaguar Mark IX sedan that I put in a 1968 Pontiac 389 engine with a 4 speed Hydromatic transmission.

The Porsche 917

1937 Indian 30/50 twin, 3 speed, suicide clutch.

1932 Ford with V8 85 Flathead

TQ Midget race car with 4 cyl Crosley engine, direct drive and no trans.


Benley 125cc road race bike built by  Honda

Harley 883 Sportster that I turned into a “big bike” look.


I was way skinny back then,,,, this is a Model A chassis that we built into a hot rod.  No photo of it finished.

Triumph TR-10 station wagon / surf wagon, about 1961.

1986 Honda CRX-HF