Desert Travels


Panamint Valley

My, or I should say “our”, desert trekking began in 1956 when I had an old 1941 Chevy pickup.  The “ours” in the early days were Gerard, Bill & Bruce Eggen, Ronny McDermott, & Randy Thomas.

1941 Chevy
We began exploring the Owens Valley, Panamint Valley, and Saline Valley.  The truck was a 3 speed, 2 wheel drive, way under-powered, and we got stuck and broke-down a lot!  We camped in the bed of the truck or in the dirt.  Things to note about this era is that there were almost no 4×4 vehicles back then, unless you had a Army Jeep.  “Dirt bikes hadn’t been “invented”, and cameras were few and far between.

Old mining equipment.

The one remaining shack at the Barker Ranch where Charles Manson was captured.

Butte Valley

Stepped behind a boulder to pee and found this!

Stripped Butte in Butte Valley.

Storm clouds over the desert.

Typical horizontal mine shaft.